Aircraft Access We provide our clients with an affordable, comprehensive medical program that includes 24/7 worldwide telemedical support services even while on a flight. To prepare your flight crew for unforeseen health emergencies, IPA will equip your aircraft with vital equipment which permits our panel to follow a client’s health during the flight. With our training, your crew will use this equipment and IPA’s kit of medical supplies to control an inflight health emergency. This service allows flight crew and passengers to ask questions about medicines, replace lost prescriptions, and get access to emergency medical care on a trip. Common inflight emergencies include chest pain, abdominal pain or nausea, headache, loss of consciousness, or shortness of breath. Our premier team will track your aircraft in real time, prepare for emergency situations that may occur along your route of flight, and contact the aircraft via text message or voice. As needed upon landing, IPA will also arrange for medical transportation to the nearest premiere healthcare facility which will have already been informed of your condition and prior health history. We will have our health specialists on the ground waiting for your safe arrival. Aircraft access to IPA Health is available on an individual as well as membership basis. This service is available to IPA Health members. Members receive special call-in information for emergency situations and are provided with extremely responsive care. Learn more about IPA Health membership.

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