Centers of Excellence

IPA Health Centers are premier destinations for those interested in receiving the best in healthcare and longevity. Elements of IPA Health Centers include medical care, nutrition guidance, exercise physiology, professional athletic training, mental wellness, spa services and weight management.

Along with the delivery of healthcare, the Centers educate the public about the newest theories and techniques in longevity medicine as well as general medical conditions. The Centers offer patient seminars conducted by visiting world medical leaders in each specialty area, who are practicing their art in the IPA clinics.

Along with our expert panel of physicians and surgeons, visiting physicians enrich our IPA Health Centers with their teachings, techniques and legacies. The richness of our faculty’s think tank sessions and discussions are documented for print and circulation for patient, general public and other healthcare professional consumption.

Research and development of medical treatments, including modalities for improving health and longevity, further distinguish IPA Health. To reach hospitals and clinics outside the IPA Health Centers, affiliated physicians teach and guide the practice of medicine via telemedicine.

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