Electronic Health Records

With your consent, IPA Health actively collects all of your health records and compiles them into an organized Electronic Medical Record. Prior to every one of your health visits, your medical records arrive at the healthcare facility in electronic format to permit your doctor to prepare for your appointment.

The medical records created from the visit are then collected by IPA Health and saved in your electronic record for future reference. This efficient, completely electronic process allows us to:

  • Ensure that duplicate medications are avoided
  • Monitor drug allergies and drug interactions closely
  • Minimize doctor and pharmacist errors
  • Reduce paperwork and increase efficiency

At your request, we provide you with an encrypted and password protected copy of your records to be carried on your keychain in case of an emergency. Many members appreciate the added peace of mind in having easy access to their complete records.

This service is available to IPA Health members. Learn more about IPA Health membership or contact us online for more details.

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