Family Memberships

As healthcare continues to evolve and regulations limit care for some while assuring care for all, the quality of care we’re use to is more difficult to attain. Many families rely on primary care doctors who have turned to the concierge medicine model. IPA Health was established to elevate concierge care to its utmost level.

The table below compares IPA’s services to those of a typical concierge physician. While concierge medicine practitioners are usually a single physician or a small group or primary care physicians, IPA consists of hundreds of global specialists. Our panel pediatricians consult on your children’s health, cardiologists or gastroenterologists for the adults and gynecologists for the women in the family; and all the IPA specialists are in constant communication to assure the general health of your entire family.

We emphasize prevention and have a team of health and wellness providers from dieticians, and exercise physiologists to therapists who will meet with every member of your family to discuss healthy living on an ongoing basis. When faced with a health event, IPA will seek opinions of several specialists around the globe to derive the best treatment plan for your family member. From deciding if antibiotics are really necessary to treat a cold in your child, to researching novel treatments for more rare adult conditions, we assure the best in healthcare regardless of where you may reside at that time. We’re able to complement the treatment plan with eastern medicine should you wish to consider those options in conjunction. IPA’s health panel oversees your every healthcare experience to assure optimal care and minimize medical errors.

In cases of global health crises, no healthcare group is more prepared than IPA Health. We have emergency centers globally to aid in crisis preparedness and prevention.

Your treatment with IPA Health may be covered by your health insurance company. Our staff will verify if your insurance policy covers your particular services. It is important to note that insurance companies typically do not cover novel medical treatments or measures aimed as disease prevention. Indeed, even some vaccines are not covered by health insurance. We at IPA Health always go beyond limits set by insurance companies to assure your optimal health and longevity.

Please contact us to obtain verification of your coverage and pre-authorization for your care.

Table Comparing Typical Concierge Physician to IPA Health's Global Concierge Specialists

Single Physician or Small Group X X
Panel of Hundreds of Physicians -- X
Primary Care X X
Multi-Specialty -- X
Single Opinion X X
Multiple Opinions -- X
Single Language X X
Multilingual -- X
Negotiate Healthcare Expenses -- X
Team of Health & Wellness Providers -- X
Travel Advisory -- X
Emergency Training & Preparedness -- X
Easter/Integrative Medicine Options -- X
Healthcare Oversight -- X
24/7 Global Medication Delivery -- X

We look forward to delivering the optimal healthcare your family needs and deserves. Please take the time to contact our offices to formulate a customized IPA family membership.

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