Housecall Specialists

With our busy lifestyles, the initial symptoms of an illness typically occur at inopportune times making it difficult to schedule an appointment to visit a physician. The growing concerns of contagious and drug resistant infections have made visits to the doctor’s office unappealing for most of us. IPA Health’s global panel of specialists is available 24/7 to visit you anywhere in the world weather at a hotel on a ship in the Mediterranean. We’re trusted by American Express and AIG to care for their premiere clients when they need a housecall physician for anything from the common cold to more urgent situations such as unfortunate accidents or even rare conditions.

While other housecall physicians are primary care providers, IPA Health’s panel consists of specialists which can diagnose and treat medical conditions with greater experience and certainty. Our telemedicine service is also available to diagnose and treat those on the go. When necessary, we’re able to refer you to an IPA Health affiliated laboratory or hospital. To assure optimal continuity of care, our service will forward your records to another one of our physicians at your next destination and ultimately your own physician at home.

All appointments are of course prioritized and utmost confidentiality assured in every visit.

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