An unforeseen health event in another city, foreign country or on a cruise ship can be a dramatic experience not just for health reasons, but also due to elements beyond our control. Certain health conditions require urgent medical attention from the very best in order to ensure the best outcomes.

If you or your loved ones find yourselves in an unfamiliar setting and wish to return home or to a center of excellence specializing in the particular health concern even you may be experiencing, IPA Health can assist you 24/7. IPA Health is able to provide you with urgent medical transportation from any city in the world to your final destination or to a leading specialist as needed.

When calling us, you will be connected to a triage physician who will assess your condition, make care recommendations and arrange for quality urgent medical care as necessary. Regardless of your location, whether in the Alps or South America, a healthcare provider will meet you at your location and escort you on a plane, helicopter, boat or ambulance to your final destination.

To immediately begin your excellent healthcare experience from the any location, you will be in touch with our multispecialty advisory team from minute number one. The healthcare specialist accompanying you will be in constant contact with IPA's health panel until you arrive at your destination. Prior to your arrival, IPA Health will relay your current condition and past medical records to your destination healthcare facility.

This information is crucial in providing you with excellent care around the globe. We will monitor your condition and follow your care in detail and at the healthcare facility until you've recovered and returned home. IPA will assure all of your medical records follow you home such that any healthcare provider will be able to continue your premiere care.

This service is available to IPA Health members. Members receive special call-in information for emergency situations and are provided with world class 'at your finger tips' responsive care. Learn more about IPA Health membership.

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