Pathfinder Care

What is "Pathfinder Care"? It's doctors guiding you to the best possible healthcare outcome in a timely manner, and it's available exclusively from IPA Health. That means no red tape or insurance companies looking over your doctor's shoulder. Only you and your doctor deciding from a medical perspective what the best course of care will be.

Here are just a couple examples of what Pathfinder Care through IPA Health might look like:

A member is diagnosed with a rare lymphoma, of which there are only about a dozen cases per year. How would this person possibly know the best treatment options and best doctors for this rare disease? IPA Health steps in to research the doctors who are in the best position to provide treatment and connect the patient with these doctors.

A family decides to place their grandmother, an elderly stroke patient, into a nursing facility. IPA Health provides a nursing home advocate who checks in regularly to review the grandmother's chart, make sure she is taking all of her prescribed medication, talk with her about how she feels about her care, and update the family on any changes that need to be made.

At IPA Health, we firmly believe in the power of Pathfinder Care to provide the best possible outcomes. Our physicians work with independence and objectivity, and are involved in the latest research in their field so that they can recommend highly effective treatments.

In short, IPA Health members have a team of physicians who are entirely dedicated to preserving health without the distractions and pitfalls that too often occur in HMOs and other insurance plans.

If your doctor recommends treatment at one of the world’s top medical centers or from a renowned specialist halfway around the world, we will work with you to make that treatment a reality. Our team is entirely dedicated to guiding you to the best possible healthcare outcome.

Nothing is more important than your health. At IPA Health, you can rest assured knowing that all of our providers and staff and entirely focused on helping you to protect this most valued asset.

Pathfinder Care is available to IPA Health members. Learn more about IPA Health membership or contact us online for more details.

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