At IPA Health, we believe first class healthcare should be accessible to you and your loved ones regardless of the hour, time zone or proximity on the planet. We believe healthcare decisions should not be motivated by insurance companies, but instead should be where they belong, in your hands. We practice prevention to avoid disease and to support longevity. Our panel of renowned health experts will empower you with all relevant health information, including the most up-to-date and best treatment options, in order to support you in making informed decisions regarding your health care.

We will be with you every step of life to advise you when it comes to critical health decisions. Whether at home, on your yacht, plane or in an exotic land, IPA Health provides you the security of first class healthcare support. We are accessible to you around the clock and are ready to deal with any unexpected health concern that may interrupt your lives.

We realize how difficult it is for you to research the best healthcare providers and treatment options in an urgent situation when traveling, much less when home, and with IPA Health, the research and coordination of the highest quality of care is left to us. Our expert health panel will continually follow your progress and discuss second and third opinions on your behalf so you don’t have to.

We believe your health is a priority, your time is valuable and that you should not have to wait an unreasonable time to be seen by a healthcare specialist. We will not only identify the best doctor and medical center for your area of concern, but we will also prioritize your visit and arrange every detail of your travel to the healthcare provider whether it be from the airport, a remote location or your home. We will have your health records electronically delivered to your specialist and update them on your progress such that you will receive excellent care from minute one. Our commitment is to be with you every step along the way.

At IPA Health, we believe excellent healthcare should be available to everyone, so we offer our services to the underprivileged through numerous charitable projects.


With ever-increasing healthcare regulations, the delivery of healthcare has become extremely complicated. Longevity and quality of life are often ignored while most of the attention is placed on treating preventable diseases. Every three years, fifty percent of the information we know in medicine will be proven false and will be replaced with a greater truth. With this ever increasing vast volume of medical information, there is a trend towards specialists and sub specialists among healthcare providers. The doctors at IPA Health believe that the challenge of reviewing all the medical literature and arriving at the best treatment course should not fall on you.

Unfortunately, health insurance companies are simply unable to keep up with the medical literature in a timely manner. Cutting-edge treatment courses are always deemed unnecessary and not reimbursed by health insurance companies for years after they have actually been practiced. At points in the past, cataract surgery, laser surgery, endoscopic surgery, and many other now-common procedures were not "approved" by insurance companies, including Medicare. Indeed, most new medications are not approved by insurance companies, as they steer patients toward less expensive and less effective alternatives.

Access has become an ever increasing concern for the most discerning of patients as well. Regardless of which city you may be in around the globe, it's unlikely that the world premier specialist for your particular health issue is located there or is available to deliver the best treatment course in a timely manner. This is where our panel of premiere healthcare experts at IPA Health mobilizes on your behalf. Your health and longevity is our number one priority.

When faced with a health condition, our panel of physician leaders in every medical specialty researches and identifies the premier healthcare provider for the condition you face. From there, we arrange timely access to the provider to support your healthcare needs, including transportation regardless of your geographic location. We aim to overcome all barriers in providing you with the best health care possible.

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