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Imagine grouping the best athletes to win a game, the best astronauts to explore space, or the best administrative minds to run a company. Independent Providers Association (IPA) Health was founded in 2013 by a group of prominent physicians across various specialties to provide what we know to be the best in healthcare to their collective patients. We have done so with the mission to assure your utmost health and longevity.

We’re globally available 24/7 to our member patients and make healthcare decisions in the patient’s best interest rather that what health insurance companies dictate. We take a proactive role in preventing illness. We start with analyzing your individual clinical and genetic characteristics and supply all you need for a daily scientifically based regimen to assure your longest lifespan. When you face an unexpected health event, we realize how difficult it is for you to research the best treatment options and healthcare providers, particularly given current battles with resistant infections and other serious conditions. Our Health Panel will research all scientific evidence and even consider alternative medicine to identify leading healthcare providers and the most effective treatments regardless of geography, even if not available in your particular country. Once you’ve decided your treatment course, we can arrange all travel and prioritize your appointments so you don’t need to wait at the physician’s office, even providing your medical records prior to arrival. Our health panel will continue as your advocate overlooking every step of your care until you are well and back home. Christmas in Switzerland, summers boating off the coast of Capri, a private safari in Africa, our medical concierges are available to make sure you get the very best life has to offer- wherever you are in the world. IPA’s commitment is to be with you every step along the way.

We realize that emergencies are by definition unanticipated. With the installation of IPA's health monitoring equipment at home, on your private maritime vessel or plane, access to IPA's panel of specialists may be available to you on an 'as-needed' basis.

IPA Health is an organization of leading healthcare providers who have been selected based on their excellent qualifications and leadership in their respective medical specialties. We provide class-leading medical care on a membership basis. Members receive access to a wide range of medical professionals who are all committed to collaborating in order to provide the best possible care.

Our goal is to provide healthcare and longevity solutions to individuals around the globe. We don’t take illness lightly. Regardless of your location or time, IPA’s medical panel is able to advise you on the best treatment options and identify leaders in that specialty to provide you the premier care you need and deserve.

IPA organizes the delivery of your medical care by assembling and evaluating member physicians with impeccable credentials within their fields of study. We are driven to develop highly collaborative and customized medical solutions for our members.

To learn even more about IPA Health, please contact us online. We also encourage you to learn about membership for executives, families and organizations.

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