The Practice

Welcome to the leader in global concierge healthcare. Welcome to healthcare that defines its destination as international. Welcome to care, to refinement, to whatever your health desires or requires. Welcome to Independent Providers Association (IPA) Health.

Welcome to healthcare that defines its destination as international.

Looking After Your Well-being

With ever-increasing healthcare regulations, the delivery of healthcare has become highly
complicated. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our member patients premiere access to the
most progressive treatments and specialists without the interference of insurance company regulations.

Unrivalled Access

Wherever you may be in around the globe, it’s unlikely that the world’s most preeminent
specialist for your particular health issue is located there. This is where our panel of first class, distinguished healthcare experts at IPA Health mobilizes on your behalf, discovering the best doctors and medical care for your area of concern, no matter where you are located.

A Global Standard Of Care

Whether you are spending Christmas in Switzerland, enjoying summers boating
off the coast of Capri, or savoring a private safari in Africa, our medical concierges are available to make sure you get the very best life has to offer, wherever
you are in the world. (View our global affiliate network).

Our Philosophy

So much more than just concierge health, our panel of physician leaders will look after your every need. Going above and beyond, we will not only identify the best doctor and medical care for your area of concern, but we will also prioritize your visit and arrange every detail for you.

The Experience

Our panel of physician leaders in every medical specialty researches and identifies the premier healthcare provider for any health condition you may face. From there, we arrange timely and expeditious access to the provider to support your healthcare needs, including transportation, regardless of your situation.

With IPA Health, the research and coordination of the highest quality of care is left to us. Our expert health panel will continually follow your progress and discuss second and third opinions on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

What We Believe

That the challenge of reviewing all the medical literature and arriving
at the best treatment course should not fall on you.

Your health is a priority, your time is valuable, and that you should not
have to wait an unreasonable length of time to be seen by a healthcare specialist.

First-class healthcare should be accessible to you and your loved ones
regardless irrespective of the hour, time zone, or proximity whereabouts on the planet.

Healthcare decisions should not be motivated by insurance companies but instead should be where they belong… in your hands.

In prevention to avoid disease and to support longevity. Averting disease and fostering longevity begins with prevention.

Excellent healthcare should be available to everyone, so we offer our services to the underprivileged through numerous charitable projects.

Centers For Excellence

IPA Health Centers are premier destinations for those interested in receiving the ultimate best in healthcare and longevity medical healthcare management and preventative and lifespan medicine.

Health, Without Compromise

IPA Health Centers have made it their mission to not only deliver premium healthcare but to educate the public about the newest theories and state-of-the- art techniques in longevity medicine and general medical conditions. The Centers offer patient seminars conducted by visiting world medical leaders in each specialty area who practice their art in the IPA clinics.

IPA Health Centers are premier destinations for those interested in receiving the ultimate best in healthcare.

Masters At Work

Along with our expert panel of physicians and surgeons, visiting physicians enrich our IPA Health Centers with their teachings, techniques, and legacies. The richness of our faculty’s think tank sessions and discussions are documented for print and circulation for the patient, general public, and other healthcare professional consumption.