Longevity Medicine

Live Long & Thrive

While so much attention is given to having adequate insurance coverage in case of unforeseen events, healthy living and measures to extending longevity are often overlooked. At IPA Health we emphasize prevention and healthy lifestyles to assure our members live long and thrive. Our scientific approach is individualized to your genetics, body composition, and many other social/psychological factors.

We begin with thorough executive physical examination and laboratory tests to assess your baseline. Genetic markers for coronary artery disease, cancer, stroke, and other conditions are evaluated in everyone to determine means of reducing risks for all these conditions. Concentrations of several factors in our bodies change as we progressively age.

IPA’s longevity panel meticulously reviews all these factors and recommends modifying them to more youthful levels in order to improve your energy while reducing your risks for many health conditions. You may also choose to supplement your system with scientifically based anti-aging factors. Physical trainers on our team will aid you in developing healthy exercise habits and nutritionists will guide you and your staff in eating a healthy diet specialized to your particular needs.