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Key Person Health

Get More Information At IPA we promote healthy living and disease prevention among executives and key staff to not only promote longevity but also reduce

Longevity Medicine

Live Long & Thrive While so much attention is given to having adequate insurance coverage in case of unforeseen events, healthy living and measures to

Mental Health

Take a Deeper Look Mental health and addiction matters are often one of the most sensitive and challenging issues an individual may have to face

Tourists / Hotel Medicine

Around The Globe We’ve found that most tourists or ex-patriots in a foreign country turn to their hotels or consulates for advice on healthcare providers

Health 4 Lux

Safety Is Now The Sexiest Word In Travel Our Mission as an independent authority is to provide safety and quality assurance to the Hospitality industry

General Health Services

How We Can Help: Annual executive physical and clinical testing. Initial genetic screening testing to identify your risks for cancer, heart disease among others. Collection